new adventures…lets explore


when me and my now fiancé first began dating we knew we wanted to move out of our parents home and start a life on our own. so after 6 years, and finishing up school, we did it! packed up all of our belongings and moved out west…lets just say we were a little nervous, but definitely both very adventurous! with our big move across country we figured we would start planning new fun activities to get into from — hiking, to skiing and snowboarding, to driving even more. where we live now everything is in our reach just by getting in the car and filling it up, we could be in california tomorrow and las vegas the next! there is so much out there to see, so why not go out and explore… we live once and of course we are going to make the best of it. i say everyone should explore, take time to enjoy the world, there is so much to learn and see…yes you can look everything up online nowadays but its never quite the same as seeing something in person!



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