Love My Skin

drying mask

amazing! thats the first word that comes to mind when i think about mario badescu. i first began using these products when i ordered samples of a skin care regimen i wanted to start, so this is what brought me to his products. after about two weeks of using his products i began seeing a difference in how my skin looks and feels. so i purchased a few products to try out for a few months to see exactly how they work for me. so far i am really loving the drying mask and the drying lotion — both work very well together, and help me when i have zits that randomly decide to invade my face.

these products are just incredible!

along with the use of these products, working out and drinking a lot of water is also helping with my skin. of course during that time of the month is when i break out the most, especially along my chin — but with the drying lotion along with the cleansers and moisturizers it helps control my breakouts!

i say if you are having skin problems or just want to try out new face products i suggest giving mario badescu a try!

thanks for reading!


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