Summer Scents

every year i find myself buying more and more candles…(i mean who doesn’t love candles?) and finding new scents to fall in love with. which brings me to these three scents — fiji white sands, baja cactus blossom, and hawaii – oahu coconut sunset! all three are wonderful summer scents for any home.


my favorite candle by far for the summer is fiji white sands – such a subtle scent.

sniffing the fiji white sands is so subtle, I had to smell it a few times. however, i noticed it was the first candle from the new collection to sell out. so i decided to check it out – and so glad that i did. to me it smells like tiki beach without the coconut (even though there is a slight coconut scent). i can really smell the sugarcane, but it is not overly sweet or obnoxious. some candles can be a bit strong, but this one is just perfect. the sugar combines beautifully with the fresh sandalwood to create an invigorating, soothing, slightly woodsy, sweet and creamy scent. the white nectarine is subtle and adds only a touch of fruitiness, which i think is a great addition to this candle.

baja cactus blossom is a great add to my candle collection, have yet to burn the candle, but just by pulling up the lid it has a slightly tropical, cologne-y, and floral scent. my fiancé loves the smell of it and i can’t wait to light this candle in our home. definitely don’t pass up this scent!

lastly, lets talk about hawaii – oahu coconut sunset…it smelled good in store when i opened the lid. after letting it burn for around two hours the candle kind of gives off a strong lily scent that i am not too keen on. overall it’s not a terrible candle, just not the perfect fit for me.


so let me know what new candles you are trying out or even old scents that you just can’t get enough of…what are your favorite candle scents? let know down below in the comments…maybe i will need to go buy some more!!!!

thanks for reading!




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