Mermaid Foundation


so i went into sephora the other day just browsing — i can never go to the mall and not stop by sephora. i wanted to purchase some liquid lipstick from anastasia (of course they were sold out), so I just continued to browse around…then i came across tarte’s new line…rainforest! i remembered watching a few beauty gurus reviews on this new foundation and decided to give it a try. i got two samples; one in tan sand and the other in deep honey. there are a total of 12 shades, but the two i got are the darkest shades in the collection. the reason behind getting the two samples is because i have yet to find the right color match for me, so i just mix the two shades to create the perfect match for me.

i applied the foundation with a damp beauty blender, it dries relatively quickly, so you have to work fast when using this foundation. but it leaves my skin with a semi-matte finish! the first layer i used evened out my skin tone, but i like a full coverage look to cover my dark spots–so i applied one more layer and my face looked flawless and it felt as if i had no makeup on my face! (love how lightweight it is!)

i wore this foundation for around ten hours, once i got home i looked at the longevity of the foundation —  overall it held up pretty well. i did not feel as if i had makeup caked on my skin, as i do with some other foundations i own. the only problem i had was with my chin, seems the oil from my combination skin separated the foundation. so i may need to set this foundation with a powder and use a different primer…

so my review of the new tarte foundation….drumroll please

i give it a 9.2 out of 10!!!

it held up all day, lightweight, has a very subtle scent, no parabens or phthalates(always a plus), makes skin look hydrated without being extremely dewy, and has a semi-matte finish!

the only downfall i had is my chin, so really that was my fault. but i really like this foundation…guess that means its time to go and purchase some new foundation, even though ill have to purchase two different shades!

oh well… i love makeup!

stay tuned for more product reviews!

thanks for reading!

tarte Rainforest of the Sea™ Water Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15



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