milani 2-in-1…finally got my hands on it


after two weeks of searching vigorously for this 2-in-1 foundation i finally got my hands on it at my local walgreens for $9.99! (felt like forever) lol. so after doing some research this foundation comes in 14 shades but only eight of the shades were available at walgreens.

so the milani foundation and concealer comes with a pump, definitely a plus for this product…i put about a dime sized amount on the back of my hand and this foundation has a very thick and creamy consistency. the smell is refreshing, and just smells really good…lol i couldn’t stop smelling it. (i know…weird,right?)

i decided to do half my face with the beauty blender and the other half with a foundation brush just to see how well this foundation works. it claims to have medium to full coverage and works to keep skin naturally perfect.

beauty blender – while using the blender i made sure to dampen my sponge, this seemed to make the consistency of the foundation more sheer. the color matched very well and evened out my skin tone with one layer. i decided to do one more layer but jut focusing on the areas i like a little more coverage(my chin and cheek). this foundation is more like a satin finish, but i think it needs to be set with a powder i noticed that after a few hours i did get shiny in my t-zone due to not setting my foundation.

foundation brush – using the brush i noticed that application with the foundation was a lot more full coverage. i only needed a dime sized amount to cover the other half of my face and it covered all my scars and even my dark circles. i really liked the overall look with the brush more than with the blender, but if you don’t want to use so much product i recommend using the beauty blender to help absorb some of the product and give a more natural look versus using the foundation brush.

overall my thoughts on this foundation and concealer…..

i give it a 4.4out of 5.

i thought it blended quite well but it did adhere to drier areas on my face as it sets to a satiny finish, if you apply a good moisturizing primer it will keep your skin looking very natural. it is lightweight and didn’t feel uncomfortable on my skin and felt very breathable. it does wear like a champ even if you aren’t setting it with powder as I was able to get about six hours out of it without any issues of fading or oxidizing(don’t want to walk around like a oompa loompa)…but i would prefer to set it with a powder just because i know i have oily combination skin type. it gives a very full coverage look with the right applicator and you don’t need multiple layers to achieve that full coverage look. this is supposed to be a multi-tasking foundation, i think it works best as just a foundation. i like concealers that are bit more sheer and not as thick, but i say give it a try and let me now what you think.

have any of you tried this 2-in-1? if so, how did you like it? let me know down in the comments below!

thanks for reading!




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