Bring the Heat!





lol. okay a bit dramatic, but you all have no idea how long i have been waiting for this summer scent to return to the shelves of bath & body works! i received an email from them and was hoping it was going to say that malibu heat has returned, just my luck…its back! This is one of my favorite summer scents, it is very versatile and can be mixed with the other summer scents in the line! it has a fruity scent–the orange, pear, and pineapple are very dominant in the scent, but there is a little linger of coconut and vanilla in the background… i mean who wouldn’t love this smell?!!!!

what are your favorite summer scents whether its from bath & body works or from somewhere else! do you stock up on it?

i hope you all enjoyed this post as you can see i am ecstatic about having this scent back, but of course it is only for a limited time, so it may be another 3 years before we see it again. so hurry hurry time to stock up!… on that note i hope they still have it during the semi annual sale, which is coming soon! make sure to stock up on all your favorite fragrances….. ooooohhh and the semi annual sale is the best time to buy gifts for birthdays and holidays! i always do this and in the end i save so much money!

thanks for reading! don’t forget to tell me what your favorite fragrances are!




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