Brush Storage

i have too many brushes in my makeup collection, so i decided instead of buying brush holders – why not make my own!!! so i gathered a few items i had lying around the house…

  • bracelets(preferably ones you no longer wear)
  • old headband/scarf
  • candle container(cleaned out)
  • and of course your precious brushes!

take some old bracelets and your candle container, begin by organizing the bracelets in any way you want (with this part make it your own, add as many bracelets as you would like). then take your headband/scarf and wrap it around the container, if you feel that it is too loose you can always tighten it by creating a nice bow; this will also give your new brush holder a stylish look instead of buying the expensive ones in store…hey you have to add your own style into your diy projects!!!! right?!

once you have finished, that’s pretty much it!  wa-laa! now just to add your brushes into your new brush holder! remember you can make them as big or small as you would like.

there are so many other ways to create brush storage. how did you do it?  let me know down below.

thanks for reading!





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