My Skincare Routine


after graduating high school in 2011 my skin broke out into a mini war all over my face…i was miserable…wasn’t i supposed to get this bad acne during high school instead of after. nope. between the stress of school and work my acne got progressively worse over the next few years. i was left with a lot of acne scars and hyperpigmentation, this resulted in me trying different cleansing products along with getting treatments done. while none of the cleansing products worked i did notice a slight change while i was getting some treatments done! unfortunately the products needed to help with the treatments were quite pricey and i needed five different products, which to me is too much. so after moving to utah, i wanted to get my face clear, so i began doing some extensive research. while a few products popped up i decided to go to sephora and speak with a professional. the gentlemen i talked to was the best in the business i must say, he knew exactly what he was talking about and went into depth about every product he thought would work best for my skin.

this is when i ended up buying my top skin bought three products…

dermadoctor ain’t misbehavin’ medicated aha/bha acne cleanser this cleanser is amazing, after using my clinique take the day off cleansing balm i apply to a dry face a dime sized amount of the derma doctor and allow it to sit on my skin for up to 15-25 minutes. after i grab a warm damp towel and wipe the product off my skin.

while others may pat there skin after this, i actually take my clean hands and press the water left on my skin from the damp towel and press it into my skin, this is like another layer of moisture.

may coop raw sauce, this is my holy grail skin care product hands down! i know the name is funny but the maple tree sap particles in this product are smaller than water and allow for the formula of the raw sauce to absorb into your skin while giving the skin a healthy glow and making your skin feel amazing!

after letting this product absorb into my skin i end it with my favorite moisturizer belif- the true cream aqua bomb. this moisturizer is very light weight and keeps the skin feeling smooth while also giving a refreshing hydration!
with the help of these three products my skin has done a 180, yes i do still have acne scars but they have dramatically diminished with the help of my new skin care routine.
i hope this will help any one out with any skin care problems they may be having, while i wasn’t sure this combo would actually work for me i was willing to give it a try. let’s just say i am very glad that i did and so is my skin.
remember to always stay positive. if you do not succeed the first time you must try, try again.

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