Anastasia Beverly Hills

when it comes to foundation lets just say i probably have way too many…lol! but i have never tried a foundation stick. when i heard about anastasia coming out with one, i figured i would give it a try, especially since i love her eyebrow pencils.

initially when i walked into sephora she didn’t have an array of shades but later she announced that more shades with different undertones would be coming out soon, so lucky for me the first time i purchased this foundation stick, i thought i had found my perfect shade…oh my was i wrong. during the summer months my skin of course is a tad darker than during the winter, but sometimes i can pull off my winter shade during the summer. unfortunately that was not the problem…the issue was that i had bought the wrong undertone, the initial shade i purchased was amber which is a dark medium tan with yellow undertones, not really paying attention to the undertones but i knew that yellow definitely washes me out and i slowly began to see this as i wore the product more. after doing more research i saw that some new shades were in store so i decided to make my way over to sephora once more – i mean i can never stay out of this place! walking up to the anastasia display i began to see a lot of different shades, which definitely was a little overwhelming, but i knew what i was looking for…personally i need a shade that has a neutral undertone; a good mix of yellow and pink not one or the other, which brought me to almond! still a dark medium tan but this one had golden undertones; perfect for me! oh yeah and its only $25!!!!!! that’s a steal compared to the other high end foundations out there.

being the first time i had used a stick foundation i was a little skeptical but it is relatively easy to use. i didn’t exactly follow the directions on how to apply the foundation. i like to use a small foundation brush and place it in the areas that need some extra coverage, then i begin to blend it out either with my beauty blender or my fingers! either way i do it the foundation looks very natural and feels very lightweight! i also love that this foundation has a buildable coverage.

give this foundation a try and let me know how you like it!!!

also have any of you tried the anastasia foundation stick? if so, how did you like it?

thanks for reading




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