Perfume Favorites


as a teen i always used body sprays…the ones that never seemed to last more than 30 minutes…like what was the point in even using them. lol. but as i got older i began using my mom’s perfume or stealing her perfume hahaa. but instantly i noticed a difference in how long perfume seemed to last compared to body sprays. i don’t mind different fragrance families but i do prefer more warm and woody scents. below i have listed my top three perfumes that i don’t think i will ever stop purchasing. let me know what your favorite perfumes are!!!


Calvin Klein
I’ve worn this perfume for years, and it is by far my favorite. i wear it as my go-to scent for any occasion. it has a slight musk smell with hints of fruit and orchids, this is definitely the perfect year round scent! you can never go wrong with this one, also the scent is not too strong!
Calvin Klein
another calvin klein perfume that i love!…this one has a nice warm fragrance without being too musky like calvin klein euphoria. it is a perfect blend of flowers and warm woods and it last all day! this one is also perfect for any occasion. i guess any calvin klein is great lol
Marc Jacobs
i was in search of a new perfume something that wasn’t calvin klein, but also something that was versatile and could be worn all year round. this perfume is amazing the scent is not too strong at all, with a blend of plums, and flowers, along with some earthy scents. this perfume is just a great blend of scents another go-to perfume for me! also a plus is the packaging…this would look so cute on a vanity and of course smells great too!
hope this can help you pick out a new fragrance for the year! let me know if you try out any of these perfumes!
Thanks for reading!

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