The Beginning

My journey has only just begun, but I am glad I finally started… this journey has been in the making for the past three years(maybe even longer). I always talked about changing my lifestyle by incorporating a healthier balanced diet, working out, and just changing my outlook on how different I could feel.

This is where it all begins, as you all know muscle weighs more than fat, so currently I am weighing in at my heaviest 156. My goal is not to lose weight but to be healthy, fit, tone, and overall just feel better about my appearance.


I made a promise to myself to make weekly post with how my journey is going, so look for a new post every Friday on how my fitness journey is coming along.

Let me know what keeps you motivated to workout and eat healthy!




Thank you to Shawn Woods(brother) for always providing me with workouts! (even though i always feel like im going to pass out after i finish them lol)

Thank you to Nadia Peters for introducing me to Shakeology! (absolutely love it)


2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I’m happy for you! Be gentle with yourself and know that you are beautiful the way you are. Self improvement is awesome and a daily journey! Love you!


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