Starting a Blog: Personal Fulfillment

When starting a blog, what comes to mind?

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  • What content will you post?
  • Are you planning on starting a business?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • How often do you plan on posting?

Honestly, these are all the things that came to mind when I had started my blog, almost four years ago. My love for makeup really pushed me to want to create a blog, where I could express what I love, give reviews, and even tutorials. Blogging is a personal journey. I started my blog to connect with others that have a passion for makeup and even those who are curious about makeup.

So, when beginning your blog one thing to take into account is that you are putting yourself out there on the internet. You are opening yourself up to being vulnerable to an audience you don’t know, but this also opens up a path for you to become more confident in your content. With that being said, content, you need content in order to start your blog, whether its about makeup, fashion, cars, school, counseling, etc. So start off with that, what do you want to write about, what do you have a passion for? Something else to remember is your writing doesn’t have to be perfect! As you start blogging you will become increasingly better at writing, for me I definitely wasn’t the student receiving A’s in English. But blogging has made me more aware of my grammar, thus helping me write better content!

Blogging takes time, patience, and a lot of dedication! As you get into the rhythm of blogging you will begin to realize the joy and satisfaction you feel after completing a post. No one ever said anything in life would be handed to you, but as you begin to challenge yourself more you really begin to understand the joy you feel after accomplishing any challenging task. It’s difficult at first starting a blog, but once you find that rhythm, it will get much easier. You will begin connecting with other bloggers that love your content, along with connecting with others in the blogger community.

So as your blog begins to grow your readership will increase, this will show you just how capable you are. This will help to encourage you to push yourself and remind yourself to never settle for less. So make sure to grab yourself a planner, that way you can write down all of your future blog posts and stayed organized!

There is so much more that goes into becoming a blogger, but I plan on touching base on all of that, and I hope all of my lovely readers will stick around for those posts!

What kind of blog are you looking to start?




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