Its A Commitment

So, 2017 has come to a close, and I have learned so many things about myself this past year and I am ready to begin my new adventures in 2018. As 2017 came to an end I realized I have changed mentally when it comes to working out! As you all know working out consists of being both mentally and physically ready to take on the challenge of either losing or gaining weight. Let me just say I think I have always been physically prepared but my mind was never in the right place, and while I would workout I noticed myself not really wanting to do it and not seeing the results that I wanted. Also, I would never push myself through workouts and would cheat myself. How was I ever going to see results if I continued to cheat myself of my own health?…So over this past holiday season starting from Thanksgiving I started thinking to myself why do I want to get in shape?

After almost a whole month of trying to better understand myself and really figuring out why I want to become healthier I realized I was ready to fully commit to working out and living a healthier lifestyle…but on my own terms. Cutting back on bread (a big weakness of mine) and also cutting out junk food; not depriving myself of cheat meals and remembering that its okay to have a delicious meal every once in a while; also having fun and coming up with ways to challenge myself daily!

Over the last week I have come up with my workout routine and what areas of the body I will be focusing on, on each day! Also, I have been trying to push myself to workout earlier that way I can get a jumpstart on my day. You all should give waking up early a shot!!!








Legs & Butt

Upper Body

                Core & LISS (Low Intensity Steady State Cardio)

Legs, Butt, & Core

Upper Body & HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Interval Training)

Walk 15-20 mins


Walk 15-20 mins

Now this schedule above is not set in stone, and yes some days I change my mind on what I want to focus on but thats the beauty in working out and actually wanting to do it. I feel that as long as you are working hard and on each day you are focusing on specific areas and living a healthy lifestyle you can achieve any goals you set for yourself. Remember that you can do it, just because you miss a few days doesn’t mean its the end of the world, get back into it, push yourself…feel the burn! Take your before and after pictures because they truly make a difference. I will be taking pictures at the end of every week and when I feel I have reached my goal I will strive to push myself even further!


What do you hope to achieve in this New Year? Let me know in the comments down below.




One thought on “Its A Commitment

  1. Wow, amazing progress!! 💕 Awesome post! ♡ I think one thing I really need to work on is not going to bed late anymore (I’m a night owl haha) and putting away the phone before bed! People always say the earlier you to go sleep, the more refreshed you feel waking up in the morning! That’s something I should definitely work on! 🙈


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