i mean really — who doesn’t love the beauty of a human being or just the delicate things in life?

i know i do, i absolutely love makeup and everything to do with it! lets just say my fascination in beauty started at a young age. i used to sit in front of the mirror and practice different styles with my hair and then working to perfect my winged liner. definitely took some time to gather all the makeup and hair products i have today but i love just all the different looks you can create with makeup and then at the end of the day wash it all away!  hope you all are looking forward to more beauty posts on my monthly favorites, product reviews, hair routines (for both curly and straight hair), and just my overall thoughts of the beauty industry.

let me know what your favorite beauty products are. do you have any tips to make your makeup or hair routine perfect? let me know down in the comments below.

thanks for reading!